Best Overnight Camel trekking in Merzouga desert at a Berber or Luxury desert camp.

Night in the desert Merzouga with Camel Trek

Camel ride and night in the desert Merzouga can be the highlights of your Morocco trip, this activiy will take you into the dunes of Erg-Chebbi where you will see one of Amazing sunset and sunrise in the world. This Overnight Camel Trekking in Merzoug allows you to spend a magical night in the desert of Erg-Chebbi under the Starry sky of the Sahara in one of the best Luxury or Berber desert camp.

Trip Info

Tour Duration:



From 35 Euros


Private tent


16:00 / 18:00


Cancel for free up to 48 Hours.

Overnight camel trekking in Merzouga


Overnight Camel Trek in Merzouga is the most well-liked camel ride in Merzouga that gives you the chance to spend the night in a private desert tent in the brilliant Erg Chebbi dunes.

On this 1-night camel trip in Merzouga, you’ll get to ride camels while admiring a stunning sunset, wake up to an amazing sunrise, and try sandboarding while enjoying breakfast at this cosy camp. While you unwind and enjoy the hospitality of the Berbers, your guide offers hotel pickup, makes it a not-to-be-missed experience, and takes care of the details .

  • 1st Day: Camel Ride – Sunset – Sandboaring in the dunes – Dinner – Drums muic around campfire
  • 2nd Day: Watch sunrise – Breakfast – Return to Merzouga village

NOTE: You can also stay 2 Nights in Merzouga Desert camp.


  1. Explore the Erg Chebbi dunes on a camel ride.
  2. Stunning sunset over the Saharan sand dunes.
  3. Sandboarding is a sport (Optional)
  4. Night in Merzouga desert camp.
  5. Equipped Priavte Berber & Luxury tents
  6. Play some music with Berber drums.
  7. Enjoy the Night beside the campfire.
  8. Experience gazing at the night sky.
  9. Beautiful desert sunrise
  10. Enjoy some wonderful and authentic Moroccan cuisine
Overnight camel trekking in Merzouga

Itinerary of Overnight Camel Trek in Merzouga

Our night in the desert Morocco will begin in the late afternoon from Merzouga village about two hours before sunset. We will meet you in our Guesthouse where you can leave your car , and take you right into the heart of the Sahara desert across the Erg-Chebbi dunes by camels.

Day 1: Merzouga village to the Desert camp

You will meet your Camel tour guide and start the night in Merzouga desert by riding camels to the camp enjoying the Sahara dunes.

Once you get to the camp you can walk into the dunes to see the sunset and to try sandboarding if this is an activity you are interested in. After watching a spectacular view of the sunset over the dunes you will have a cup of mint tea in the camp restaurant, and in the evening you will have dinner served at the camp. then you will join the campfire where the locals play drums and sing Berber songs.

You can also play the drums and have a great time beside the campfire, it’s an opportunity as well to walk to the dunes near the camp to enjoy the starry sky.

Day 2: Return to Merzouga village

The following day, we suggest waking up before it gets light to see a magnificent sunrise across the dunes. After these lovely moments, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast at the camp. After that, you will ride the camels once more back to where you started.


Price of Overnight Camel Trek in Merzouga

We have the best prices for Camel trek in Merzouga with one night in the desert camp ( Private tents ).

Berber Camp Luxury camp
35 Euros Per person
70 Euros per person


  • Berber camp has equipped private tents with external shared toilets.
  • Luxury camp has private equipped tents with ensuite bathrooms.

What's include in the night in Merzouga desert?

Check what’s Included and Excluded before you book, and contact us if you want to purchase optional extras.


Book your Night in the desert of Merzouga

Contact us and book your Camel trek in Merzouga and night in the desert with best price and quality services.

It will begin and end at our hotel in the vicinity of Merzouga.

At the Merzouga desert’s Erg Chebbi dunes, one can indeed do sandboarding.

The camel ride to the camp took about one and a half hours.

Private tents with en suite bathrooms are available at Merzouga’s luxury desert camp.

Sure, we will drive you to and from the camp in our 4WD.

Whenever you arrive at the camp, we will bring all of your belongings there so you may use your tent to store them.

There are towels and toilet paper available at the desert camp, however it is advised to bring your own just in case.

Indeed, the camp is provided with electricity from solar panels energy

What to bring for your tour to the Moroccan desert is listed below:

– Sunglasses

– Sun cream

– Scarf or Hat

– Long jean pants (comfortable for the camel trek)

– Long light sleeves

– Rugged sandals or shoes

– Flip flops

– Hand sanitizers

– Portable charger

– First Aid Kit

– A small backpack where to pack everything

– A wallet to secure your valuables like phone, cards.